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Disruptive Technologies

Second Life is a disruptive technology because it changed the way people interacted with the internet. Previous to Second Life, interaction on the internet was mostly left to email and instant messages. Second Life offered people a chance to interact with other people in real time while building a whole new persona if they choose to. Second Life allowed people to be creative and live out dreams that they were prohibited from in their real lives. In this sense, it is disruptive because, it changed the way people interact and in some cases the way even allowed them to come to terms with their creative side.

It displaces physical barriers by allowing users a way to create their real lives in a virtual way. Suddenly, someone you might have only communicated with in a chat room has a face, body, and maybe even a virtual home.

Second Life may be replaced with holographic images. When I think of movies such as Surrogates, I think that this was probably began as a Virtual World technology. People may eventually find that they can live their lives without physically being in their lives.



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