Rhyme’s of Technology

Technology often is representative from something that occurred in the past. The things that we may deem as new are actually a improved version of what once was. One thing that reminds me of this is watching C-Span during congressional meetings. This reminds me of town hall meetings of the past where people in settlement communities assembled to discuss important issues of the town.

A technology that is rekindling something form the past is the Google Driverless car. This car replaces the need for a chauffeur for people who cannot drive or who choose not to drive for whatever reason. This also restructures cruise control that is already available in cars today.  


2 comments on “Rhyme’s of Technology

  1. Sandra, I have to laugh every time I look at the vehicles that we have today and those of old. It seems as if they are trying to do everything possible to keep us safe and others safe while on the road. I can remember when the seat belt only went across your lap but now it nearly covers your body and if any one is not good at parallel parking, depending on the automobile, it parks itself.

  2. That was wonderful. I don’t know what to say. A driveless car would benefit so many people. There is a certain amount of freedom that driving allows a person. This will give people that are dependant on others to drive them around a chance to do more for themselves. This should be the true reason for technological advancements.

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