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Module 4 Graphic Organizer

Blog 4 Graphic Organizer   When presenting material in a course online, it is important for the content to be easily accessible to the students. When gathering and organizing material it should be presented in formats that will allow students to understand the information. Sometimes a particular subject matter must be presented two or three […]

StoryBoard Responses

Module 3 Responses

I have responded to the following blogs: and  

Module 3

George Siemens states that “we must find different ways if assessing” students (2008). As we move towards 21st century thinking, learners must be able to do more than regurgitate information that their teacher has given them. They must be able to analyze the information, disseminate it, and form their own opinions and thinking. This is […]

Virtual Worlds Storyboard

Here is my storyboard for Module 3. Virtual Worlds Storyboard