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Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies



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Increasing Returns or Red Queens?

I rented Minority Report from my cable company’s on demand service. This was actually my last resort. I tried Netflix’s Streaming service and then Redbox but neither had any of the movies. What’s interesting is I remember being younger and needing a movie going to the neighborhood video rental store. It was a small business operation that had many of the older movies. Blockbuster came along and brought video rental to the mass market. Then Netflix and on demand services came and put Blockbuster out of business. Renting a movie was once a family weekend night activity. However, this has changed with streaming services and families can use their phones or tablets to entertain younger children when in public. The video rental industry has


I believe that the competitions between DVD and Video on demand services are examples of Red Queens. These two competitors will not drive each other to extinction but they have put store video rentals out of business. As people rely more on internet services or simply do not feel like leaving their house, these two options are becoming more popular.

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Disruptive Technologies

Second Life is a disruptive technology because it changed the way people interacted with the internet. Previous to Second Life, interaction on the internet was mostly left to email and instant messages. Second Life offered people a chance to interact with other people in real time while building a whole new persona if they choose to. Second Life allowed people to be creative and live out dreams that they were prohibited from in their real lives. In this sense, it is disruptive because, it changed the way people interact and in some cases the way even allowed them to come to terms with their creative side.

It displaces physical barriers by allowing users a way to create their real lives in a virtual way. Suddenly, someone you might have only communicated with in a chat room has a face, body, and maybe even a virtual home.

Second Life may be replaced with holographic images. When I think of movies such as Surrogates, I think that this was probably began as a Virtual World technology. People may eventually find that they can live their lives without physically being in their lives.



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Rhyme’s of Technology

Technology often is representative from something that occurred in the past. The things that we may deem as new are actually a improved version of what once was. One thing that reminds me of this is watching C-Span during congressional meetings. This reminds me of town hall meetings of the past where people in settlement communities assembled to discuss important issues of the town.

A technology that is rekindling something form the past is the Google Driverless car. This car replaces the need for a chauffeur for people who cannot drive or who choose not to drive for whatever reason. This also restructures cruise control that is already available in cars today.  

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